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You almost have to admire the inappropriate and irrational arrogance with which trial lawyers continue to pat themselves on the back for their starring role in running our nation’s competitive position further into the ground.

Seriously, when these bloodsuckers aren’t busy driving insurance costs through the roof for millions of small businesses, our guess is that they’re sitting around telling each other how friggin’ awesome they are.

In fact … from

“We are the most important people in America,” famed trial lawyer Gerry Spence proclaimed to a rapturous (Illinois) crowd – and who in the audience of 500 personal injury lawyers would argue?

“I want to ask you which would be more important: If all the doctors in the country somehow disappeared or all the trial lawyers in America somehow disappeared?”

“There is no other profession in America that fights for freedom, that fights for what America is about.”

Hmmm … “no other profession,” eh?

What’s particularly telling about Spence’s self-absorbed strutting is that he made these comments last Tuesday … on Veteran’s Day.

Which makes them about as appropriate as erecting an “Indulgences Stand” outside of a Lutheran Church on Reformation Sunday … or blowing up Mt. Rushmore on President’s Day, or taking a chainsaw to the Liberty Oak on Arbor Day.

Seriously, Gerry Spence. If you’re going to turn your mouth a “fount of stupid,” at least check your calendar for possible conflicts.

Anyway, there’s no word yet on whether the S.C. Trial Lawyers Association will be inviting Spence to the Palmetto State anytime soon, but our recommendation would be for them to stick with Erin Brockovich and her ginormous guadala-ton-tons.

Sadly, though, taking the big boob approach (as opposed to the insensitive asshole approach) doesn’t change the fact that these ambulance chasers will continue employing their army of well-heeled lobbyists to fight tooth and nail against any reform that might actually make businesses want to come to South Carolina for a change.

Hopefully, our state elected enough conservative lawmakers during the 2008 election cycle to stop them, but when it comes to South Carolina politicians doing anything even remotely pro-business, we’re not holding our breath.