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Let’s be honest, people. Not a whole helluva lot is going right in Detroit these days.

The big three automakers are on the brink of bankruptcy, Eminem hasn’t had a decent song in years, the Mayor can’t stay out of the pokey and the Lions football team is an NFL-worst 0-10.

Amidst all these Motor City blues, however, FOX Sports has been kind enough to put Charissa Thompson on the Lions’ sideline, which was fortuitous for our founding editor (who happened to be at the Panthers-Lions game up in Charlotte this weekend) and now fortuitous for you, too.

In fact, not since Sic Willie snapped his famous Erin Andrews pictorial earlier this year has Mrs. Sic Willie been so displeased with his, um, “gameday coverage.”

Obviously we’ll have some fun pics from the game over in our sports section, but for now enjoy this smokin’ sideline hottie in glorious hi-definition …