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After its success bringing down that insensitive prick John Edwards, the National Enquirer is doubling down on marital havoc for defeated presidential candidates – this time publishing a “World Exclusive” alleging that Cindy McCain has been “two-timing” on her husband, former GOP presidential nominee John McCain.

The tabloid – which broke the story of Edwards affair three months ago – now says Mrs. McCain has publicly lip-locked on several occasions with a man who according to eyewitnesses resembles “a washed-up ’80s rock musician.”

More on that in a minute …

In fact, the Enquirer claims that the picture below (click it for a larger view) is the Cindy and her mystery man at a 2006 Music Festival in Tempe, Arizona:

Hmmmm … it sort of looks like Cindy McCain.

Of course it also sort of looks like an ultrasound pic ;).

Or for that matter Pangaea before it broke up to form all the other continents

Which was like what? 160 million years ago?

Anyway, it’ll be interesting to see if the Enquirer follows up with any pictures that are actually in focus.

It’ll also be interesting to see just how mad McCain is at our founding editor Sic Willie for playing tonsil hockey with his wife – which he’s obviously been known to do in the past.

UPDATE – Oh yeah … here’s the original story for all you “enquiring minds” out there. Get it? “Enquiring minds?”