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Back when the movie Titanic came out, our founding editor Sic Willie was dating this chick named Angela who got really, really into awards shows.

So into them, in fact, that when Kate Winslet got stiffed for a Best Actress Oscar that year, this chick called Sic up on the phone and started bawling her eyes out about how unfair it was, about how Kate had “lost all that weight” and “pushed herself so (sob), so (sob-sob), so (sob-sob-sob) hard” so she could “look good naked.”

Now … aside from the fact that Sic had already gone through a box of Kleenex on Winslet’s account that evening … it’s tough to argue that point. In fact, both Kate Winslet and Sic’s ex Angela looked extremely good naked ten years ago.

However, we’re frankly of the opinion that Winslet, 33, looks even better naked today than she did a decade ago, which is why we’re eagerly awaiting our December edition of Vanity Fair magazine, which will have her nude photo shoot.

Oh, and when we say that Sic Willie “went through a box of Kleenex on Winslet’s account,” we’re assuming you know what we’re talking about.