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In case you forgot, South Carolina’s top two educrats went out of their way to elect Rep. Scott Talley to the State Senate earlier this year.

Both current State Superintendent Jim Rex and his predecessor Inez Tenenbaum got personally involved in the race, with Tenenbaum’s group even sending out ads on Talley’s behalf.

Fortunately, they weren’t successful, as Talley was defeated by conservative Republican Lee Bright in the GOP primary.

Now, less than a week before the general election, Talley appears to be back for another bite at the apple.

In fact, a group of teachers in Spartanburg County is calling voters urging them to write Talley’s name in on the ballot next Tuesday, claiming that “we just don’t think Lee Bright is the right person for the job.”

According to a Spartanburg voter who received one of the calls yesterday afternoon, a self-identified public school teacher bashes Bright and then provides detailed instructions for writing Talley’s name in on the state’s new electronic voting machines.

If Talley is behind the effort – which given his Lieutenant Gubernatorial aspirations (editor’s note: how sad does that sound?) is extremely likely – his would be the second “write-in” campaign in this hotbed of Republican hostility.

Defeated S.C. Rep. Bob Walker is also mounting a write-in campaign against conservative Republican Joey Millwood, in another effort that is being backed almost exclusively by educrats.

Spartanburg = SoreLoserBurg.

And we wouldn’t be at all surprised to learn that your tax dollars are helping fund these two RINO “write-in” campaigns.