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Who said budget cuts were a bad thing?

In Canada, a shortage of funding for the Canadian female biathlon team has prompted its members to strip down and pose nude for a calendar … all to raise money for the 2010 Olympics.

And yes, people. The biathlon is the sport with guns. So yes, this calendar has pictures of naked chicks with guns.

The girls even have a website, Bold Beautiful Biathlon, where “shoulder to shoulder” they “strive toward their dreams,” or some such nonsense like that.

Wait … here it is:

Our goal is to empower women and girls through inspiring quotes and expressing the beauty of an athletic body. The profits go directly to funding our training and competition expenses up until the 2010 Olympics. It is a 14-month calendar which details our race schedule up to the Vancouver Winter Olympic Games.

Whatever. Get naked and start shooting, ladies. Or as our founding editor says, “bathe them, and bring them to me.”