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We caught our fair share of grief last week for reminding football fans across the country that Vanderbilt is … well … still Vanderbilt.

Nobody likes to rain on a parade – particularly when the guest of honor is finally enjoying some well-deserved success after decades of gridiron ineptitude – but truth is truth.

We believed the Commodores were overrated and we said so.

Our post, aptly entitled “It’s Still Vanderbilt, People” spawned quite the reaction in Nashville, with one commenter remarking that our article was “horse crap” and speculating that “the author of this unsubstantiated blathering is a tool box.”

Well, we can’t argue that last point, but after Vanderbilt went down 17-14 this weekend to Mississippi State – the absolute worst team in the Southeastern Conference – we can’t help but argue that our first point was valid.

The ‘Dores are still in the Top 25 (No. 23 in the latest AP poll), but the bloom is officially off of Cinderella’s rose … and two very, very evil stepsisters (No. 5 Florida and No. 10 Georgia) are lurking just ahead on the schedule.

We’ll see how Vandy reacts …