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Who is Robin Meade? And why does she cross her legs differently than other TV anchors?

It’s safe to say that we could care less on both counts, although in Sic Willie’s case the latter question has literally consumed his entire “work” afternoon.

What can we say, “once a media whore, always a media whore.”

Anyway, Meade is an anchor on CNN, which we would probably know if we watched more television and fewer DVD’s about lesbians.

She’s also the subject of an intriguing post about leg-crossing on one of our new favorite websites, TV Anchor Babes, which is officially neck and neck with Leggy News Babes in the race for a special place in our founding editor’s heart.

Apparently if you cross your legs Meade’s way, they look skinnier, which we think ranks right up there with electricity, dwarf wheat, and Salk’s vaccine for polio as one of the greatest discoveries of our time.

UPDATE – Check this out … TV Anchor Babes has twenty-four posts devoted to former Columbia, S.C. anchor Ainsley Earhardt.