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FITSNews – August 27, 2008 – A week after the liberal, TV lawyer-led “S.C. Small Business Chamber of Commerce” told us that all Palmetto State small businesses needed to succeed was a “new government agency to lead them,” somebody who actually represents small businesses has written an op-ed laying out what they really want.

Ready for a shock? It’s not a new government agency, but rather tax cuts, workers’ comp reform and fewer government regulations.

“Small business owners don’t want government handouts or another government agency to ‘lead’ them,” writes local NFIB director Wendy Homeyer. “They simply ask that government not stand in the way.” You can read the full article here, but needless to say it’s a solid response to those commie thugs over at the “TV Lawyer Chamber.”

BAD QUOTE ALERT – Luke Byars, spokesman for U.S. Sen. Jim DeMint, fired off the following national party talking points … err, response yesterday after House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn hinted that Democrats may be targeting his boss for defeat two years from now … “Maybe Jim Clyburn should spend more time convincing Speaker Pelosi to let the ban on offshore drilling expire instead of continuing to play their tired old political wishing games.”

Aside from Byars’ incomprehensible insider blah-blah, what the hell is a “political wishing game?” That actually sounds kinda kinky to us. Anyway, for all you aspiring PR pros out there, what Byars should’ve said was “we look forward to any challenge that will showcase Senator DeMint’s stellar record on behalf of South Carolina taxpayers.” Even better would have been to tell Clyburn to “go jump off one of the multi-million dollar monuments he’s built to himself using our tax dollars.”

FAMOUSLY OWNED – The Palmetto Scoop did a masterful job yesterday of exposing the outright fraud of one local ad agency – and the outright stupidity of the City of Columbia, S.C., which paid $75,000 for a new slogan only to end up with a furniture store rip-off. Seriously, paying $75,000 to a bunch of famously flaming creative types to dub our city as “Famously Hot” was already a colossal waste of money, but the least Columbia could have insisted on was a shitty slogan nobody had ever used before.

MORE ON THE SAT – Not surprisingly, the Voice has a solid post up today about South Carolina’s declining public school SAT scores, which were released yesterday to a chorus of praise from the state Ministry of Failure and Non-Competition. Also not surprisingly, the mainstream media in this state is as intentionally clueless as ever, failing to point out that our state’s two-point “jump” on the college entrance exam was due entirely to increases at private schools. Look for more on this from us in the coming days …