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FITSNews – July 30, 2008 – With her sleek satin dress, patent leather Italian heels and drop-dead Amy Adams looks, there’s no mistaking Congressional staffer Brecke Latham for anything less than “enchanting.”

In fact, words like “enchanting” don’t do this twenty-eight year old Republican spokesbabe justice, forcing us to invent words like “Brecke-tacular,” or “Latham-azing” to describe her fetching features. Of course, there was also our founding editor’s description of her singular exquisiteness – an unintelligible and distinctly mammalian exhalation of approval that immediately earned him a pop across the head from his wife.

Jeez. Like it’s his fault he has a freckle fetish.

Brecke, it turns out, is also as modest as she is “train smoke” hot. How do we know this? Well, in responding to our inquiries regarding her boss (Congressman Gresham Barrett) earning the No. 9 ranking on a list of the “Fifty Most Beautiful People” in Washington D.C., Latham conveniently neglected to mention that she had earned the No. 2 ranking on the same list … a slight that we think you’ll agree is the biggest injustice since Charles Woodson’s 1997 hijacking of the Heisman Trophy from Peyton Manning.

Anyway, here’s Latham’s profile from The Hill:

Brecke Latham grew up everywhere and nowhere.

With her father a pilot in the Air Force, she lived in Japan, Virginia, Alaska, South Carolina and Texas. Where was she born? Las Vegas.

Early on, her father, with no sons, nicknamed her “Bob.”

With stick-straight, long blond hair that matches her outfit of a yellow- and white-striped seersucker suit, Latham is poised and elegant.

For much of her life she was a cheerleader – first in middle school, then in high school. She reasons, “It was the best way to reestablish my life every time we moved. It would always launch me into new friendships.”

As far as the opposite sex is concerned, Latham prefers men who are somewhat off the beaten path. “I think I tend to guard myself from men who talk a big game up front,” she says. “Sooner or later you [might] find out there’s not much underneath.”

Latham says she is looking for a “diamond in the rough.”

In the bar scene she is more focused on friends than meeting strangers. “I’d rather have a really good conversation than go around and see how many people I can meet,” she says, adding, “There really are some decent guys up here.”

For any potential suitor, Latham enjoys visiting the Sculpture Garden to listen to jazz or hitting one of the city’s beautiful parks. She says she would date a Democrat if she met the right one.

“I believe you can cross party lines for friendship and legislation,” she says.

Cross party lines? Damn. Our guess is that there are more than a few eligible Democratic bachelors ready to cross the Bridge over the River Kwai right about now.

Editor’s Note – Thanks to Benjamin J. Myers at The Hill for sharing the pic for this article .