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FITSNews – July 25, 2008 – The executive director of a pro-taxpayer group has been forced to pay a fine for towing a massive pig into Lexington County during a heated State Senate race last month.

Matt Moore, executive director of the S.C. Club for Growth, appeared in court today before Judge John R. Rakowsky, who fined him $1,087.50 for towing a giant inflatable pig into Lexington with a sign that read “Cut The Pork! Vote No To Knotts.”

Seeing as Lexington County’s judges and law enforcement personnel all answer to the man whose name was on the pig – State Sen. Jake Knotts – Moore wasted little time implying that the Senator was behind the fine when we reached him by telephone this afternoon.

“Apparently, there is one day every four years when Jake Knotts doesn’t want pork in his district,” Moore told FITSNews. “We’ve had great success this year in getting rid of pork barrellers in the legislature, but came up a little short in our efforts to knock out the biggest of them all, Senator Knotts.”

Of course, the way Senator “Jakie” has been known to “roll” in the past, the fact that Moore got off with only a $1,000 fine is probably the best thing that’s ever happened to him.

Seriously … Moore is lucky to be alive right now.  Or lucky that he’s not chained up in some trailer park dungeon in Red Bank, S.C. being told to squeal like a pig.

Anyway, here’s a copy of the ticket …