FITSNews – July 9, 2008 – Somebody call Jane Austen, because this may be the most romantic tale we’ve ever heard …

Up in the Land That Time Forgot (a.k.a. Anderson County, SC), two rednecks decided to tie the knot at a location of unmatched elegance and sophistication … their local gas pump. From the pages of the Anderson Independent Mail , behold the ballad of Barry and Tammy (picture here):

Planning a wedding involves many decisions, but where to get married was one decision Barry and Tammy Patterson didn’t have to think about.

After seven years together, the pair wanted to tie the knot at the place where their relationship started: the Hickory Point gas station at Simpson Road and East Greenville Street where Tammy works.

“It was just the perfect place,” Tammy said as friends and family blew bubbles at the happy couple.

As difficult as it may be to believe, this story only gets better …

About 25 people attended the 15-minute ceremony. The bride carried a bouquet made from a gas nozzle. She wore baby blue jeans, a white shirt and white sandals. The groom wore blue jeans and a plaid shirt. Following the ceremony, the Pattersons celebrated at a neighbor’s cook-out.

It was the most unique ceremony (neighbor Barbara) Barrett had ever attended. It was also the first time she’d ever given anyone away. She said the love between the two is obvious.

“You can just look at them and tell they were meant to be together,” Barrett said.

You can also look at them and tell that they live in Anderson County, S.C., where Mater the tow truck apparently serves as the local wedding planner.

Seriously, a bouquet made from a gas nozzle? The only thing missing here is the bride’s baby blue jeans having that “Def Leppard” cut from the “Pour Some Sugar On Me” video.

Or the groom’s best man being a dog.