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FITSNews – June 6, 2008 – We honestly can’t believe we’re writing this either, but at a political debate in Beaufort County last night, State Senator Catherine Ceips actually stood up accused our founding editor of being a “heroin user” in front of crowd of more than a hundred people. Somehow, the accusation ended up being part of her response to a question about quality of life in the South Carolina Lowcountry.

Aside from the sixty-six thousand degrees of separation required to move from quality of life in the Lowcountry to Sic Willie’s alleged drug use, we’re surprised Ceips’ consultant Rod Shealy would advise his candidate to go there, specifically after Shealy himself hired Sic in 2006 to help him run the statewide races of Lt. Gov. André Bauer, Comptroller General Richard Eckstrom and former State Treasurer Thomas Ravenel.

As for the allegations of heroin addiction, here’s what our favorite bad boy had to say …

They’d probably find a lot of fun stuff from my college years if they did a hair follicle test on me, but heroin wouldn’t be one of them. Of course, there were poppy seeds on my hamburger bun the other day, so you never know.

Look, it’s theater. I get that. A word like heroin gets tossed out there and people’s jaws drop.

I’m going to have my attorneys look at the situation and talk to the people who were there, and if there’s an action to be filed then they’ll file it – no doubt about that. Given my status as a public figure, they would have to show reckless disregard, which doesn’t seem like it would be too hard to do in this case, but I’m going to defer to them on that. I pay them a lot of money to deal with stuff like this, and quite frankly I’ve made a lot of my money because they’re so good at doing their jobs.

Ceips made the “heroin user” accusation against Sic Willie as part of an effort to link her opponent, former gubernatorial Chief-of-Staff Tom Davis, to this website.

No connection between Davis and FITSNews exists or has ever existed, though.

Acting as a registered agent, Davis filed the initial paperwork for Viewpolitik LLC (our website’s parent company) back in January 2003 while serving as a private attorney in Beaufort.

FITSNews, however, was not created until December of 2006 – nearly four years after Davis performed his one and only service on Viewpolitik’s behalf.

Our website has also been a frequent critic of Davis’ former employer, S.C. Gov. Mark Sanford.

Ironically, after all the “heroin user” allegations and repeated attempts to link Davis to our website, it was Ceips’ campaign consultant who was caught creating a fake newspaper for the purpose of attacking Davis.

From the Beaufort Gazette:

The (Beaufort News) listed as its publisher Liz Craig, a Walterboro woman who until Thursday claimed sole credit for starting it.

In fact, the newspaper was started by one of South Carolina’s best-known and most controversial political operatives, Rod Shealy, who also is state Sen. Catherine Ceips’ top political consultant …

Before Shealy acknowledged his role (in the paper) on Thursday, Craig, the woman listed as the publisher, on two occasions denied knowing Shealy or his company, 2020 Publications.

“Who is Rod Shealy?” Craig responded last week when asked whether Shealy was connected with the News. “He has no involvement. This is my paper.”

Shealy, who has been previously convicted of election fraud, has already been caught planting an illegal alien on Davis’ front porch and sending out a mail piece in which Ceips’ received the endorsements of dead people (in addition to multiple Davis supporters and a local judge who says his name was used without permission).

Ceips and Davis square off next Tuesday in what is sure to be one of the most-anticipated State Senate races in South Carolina history.

UPDATE – Here’s the video of Ceips alleging Sic Willie’s heroin use. It occurs at about the seven minute mark.