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FITSNews – May 19, 2008 – In another blow to the Billary campaign, presidential candidate Barack Obama held a political rally with 75,000 in attendance yesterday in Oregon two days before that state’s presidential primary. Obama didn’t part water, but he did part ways with his campaign against Clinton and is now clearly focusing all of his energy on John McCain – yet another sign that it’s indeed over for Hillary. From the MSM fawning:

“We still have some contests left, but if Kentucky and Oregon go as we hope, then we think we will have a majority of pledged delegates at that point, and that’s a pretty significant mark, that means that after contests in every state, or almost every state and the territories, that we have received a majority of the delegates that are assigned by voters,” Obama said.

Clinton, on the other hand, held a vigil praying for a win in Kentucky, telling an audience of maybe two people that “right now I am leading in the popular vote. More Americans have voted for me. And the states that I have won are states that a Democrat has to win to be elected in the fall…”

Yeah … no wonder she’s talking to herself.

In other news, based on the extensive TV coverage we saw of Obama’s record-setting political rally, the state of Oregon really needs to pass a law requiring women to shave their legs and armpits.  Seriously, that’s just gross!