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FITSNews – May 12, 2008 – In a perfect world, we would stare at that picture of Jessica Alba all day and contemplate to ourselves how in the world she manages to look hotter pregnant than the misleadingly un-pregnant Jennifer Love Hewitt

Alas, this is not a perfect world, however, which means we have to write about this stuff:

DOUBLE TROUBLE FOR McCAIN: According to The Politico, now is not an especially good time to be a Republican, even a “different kind of Republican,” which seems to be John McCain’s presidential gameplan. “Republicans are getting crushed at the polls and in the polls,” The Politico says, adding that the number of voters who identify themselves as Republicans is at a 16-year low.  Adding to McCain’s woes is another report from The Nation which reveals that one in four Republicans are rejecting the Arizona Senator’s candidacy. Ouch …

TAXATION, SCHMAXATION: The Boston Globe published an excellent report this weekend that sifts through the political rhetoric on the so-called “Bush tax cuts” and paints a decidedly unimpressive picture about America’s system of taxation. Basically, nothing’s changed in the last two decades, as Americans are paying almost exactly the same percentage of their income in taxes as they were before Bill Clinton was president.

FURMAN V. BUSH: Closer to home, Dan Hoover of the Greenville News explored the “academic rebellion“ currently taking place at Furman University over the participation of President George W. Bush at the school’s May 31 commencement ceremonies. According to Hoover, a petition against Bush’s visit has been signed by 230 faculty members and nearly 500 staff, a move that’s sharply divided the school’s student body. Interestingly enough, one of the bones of contention mentioned in the “We Object” letter is Bush’s encouragement of reckless spending.  

FREE PARKING: There’s a discouraging report out of the Charleston Post and Courier today about the rampant misuse of handicapped parking spots by people without disabilities. Apparently, doctors are signing off on handicapped placards for questionable “disabilities,” including “high stress.” According to the report, the cheaters are costing the city thousands of dollars in parking revenue in addition to limiting access for the legitimately disabled.