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FITSNews – May 8, 2008 – First of all let’s get the obvious point out of the way – when you’ve grown government by more than 40% over the last three years, a $180 million shortfall really doesn’t count as a “cut.” Sure, South Carolina’s various bloated and results-challenged state agencies are going to bemoan this year’s “budget reductions” as such, but don’t be fooled by their protestations. All they do is bitch.

South Carolina lawmakers have been dumping your money into state government at an obscenely unprecedented clip lately – and once again they’ve got absolutely nothing to show for those billions and billions of new taxpayer dollars. Our people are still poor as dirt and stupider than dirt. Not to mention fat and dangerous.

Of course, instead of actually doing something to fix these problems, our elected officials – including Gov. Mark Sanford – have decided to take the easy way out and blame it all on those damn illegal aliens, apparently forgetting the fact that South Carolina’s biggest economic engine pretty much depends on illegal immigration to function.

Anyway, lawmakers are spending yet another day today “debating immigration,” bickering back and forth about one failed system versus another failed system – cutting each other’s asses on an issue that’s not even South Carolina’s responsibility to legislate in the first place.

We hate to borrow a phrase from a certain infamous State Senator’s drunk tank tapes, but somebody really does need to “get off their lazy ass” and actually do something to address this state’s legitimate needs. Oh, and while they’re at it we’re diabetic and could really use some water over here, too.