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FITSNews – April 29, 2008 – Not coincidentally, our first-ever invitation to participate in a conference call with U.S. Rep. Gresham Barrett was over a little piece of legislation known as the “Blogger Protection Act,” a bill he is co-sponsoring up in Washington which would free blogs from being forced to comply with federal election law. Basically, it would make us just like the mainstream media … only crunchy.

Such a shameless tug at our heartstrings would have engendered an appropriately sarcastic retort were it not for the following three things – a) Barrett’s press secretary is kinda hot, b) the “Blogger Protection Act” is a needed reform and c) Barrett spoke extensively about his support for new media when we interviewed him in his DC office last year.

“All this would do is extend the protection that (blogs) already have under federal regulation in some kind of statute form,” Barrett said on today’s call. “Everybody that I’ve talked to doesn’t see a problem with it. Everybody understands that (bloggers) are becoming more important. It seems to be a medium people are using now that doesn’t varnish over the issues. It’s pretty much the straight scoop.”

Oh yeah, baby. You know where we like it … mmmm, a little to the left now … that’s it … that’s the spot.