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danica patrick wins


FITSNews – April 21, 2008 – After four years of trying to live up to the hype, of trying to prove she belonged with the boys, race car driver Danica Patrick because the first woman to win a major league Indy car event this weekend. From USA Today:

It was the first win for the IRL’s most popular driver, who finally answered the question in her fourth full season and 50th start of whether she was worthy of the attention she received by leveraging her sex appeal into appearances on national talk shows, music videos, racy Super Bowl commercials and last month’s Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.

Umm … based on Patrick’s SI swimsuit shoot, we’re going to go out on a limb and say she was already “worthy.” Like, hella worthy.

A lot of feminists don’t like the fact that Patrick has a wild, flesh-showing side to her, but our research has proven that most feminists are unattractive, lesbian mules. In fact, most of them shouldn’t even be allowed to hold opinions. Or drive, for that matter.