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FITSNews – April 9, 2008 – Ever since our maiden mainstream media appearance in Great Britain a few months back, we’ve been eagerly awaiting another chance to offend the sensibilities of our former monarchs on the other side of the puddle. Much like making fun of the French, getting a rise out of British people is just good clean fun … plus it gives us an opportunity to reminisce about the tremendous ass-kicking we put on them at Yorktown back in 1783. And again at the Battle of Chippewa in 1814.

Anyway, such an opportunity arose yesterday as some BBC reporter apparently thought our take on the War in Iraq was “weird.”

In case you missed it, we advocated nuking countries that mess with America as opposed to sending our troops over there to serve as walking targets for radical jihadists and their cell phone-rigged “improvised explosive devices,” a fundamental shift in American foreign policy that we happen to think is the most kick-ass idea maybe ever.

But apparently the tea-sipping, ascot-wearing, faggoty-accented queenies in Her Majesty’s vastly-diminished empire think we’re “weird.”

Well, we happen to think that calling sex “shagging” is weird. And calling a cigarette a “fag” is weird. And not showering or brushing your teeth very often is weird, not to mention disgusting. And living in a country where the sh*tty weather makes you want to slit your wrists is weird. So, with all due respect to our hygiene-challenged friends on the other side of the pond, kindly stick our copy of Braveheart in your crumpet-hole and get back to talking like a bunch of homos.