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racist obama email


FITSNews – April 3, 2008 – A controversial flyer implying that African-Americans are lazy and do not want to work was found prominently displayed on the desk of a South Carolina State Representative earlier this week, prompting outrage from the black community and calls for the white Republican official to step down.

Allegedly entitled “Why He’ll Lose The Black Vote,” the flyer shows a crowd of African-American men fleeing from a superimposed image of presidential candidate Barack Obama, who is quoted on the flyer as promising every African-American a job.

The obvious implication of the flyer, which was photographed yesterday by a FITSNews staffer in a highly-visible location on the desk of S.C. State Rep. Bill Sandifer, is that African-Americans are simply not interested in the jobs Obama is offering them.

“If this is an attempt to portray African-Americans as a group that is running away from a job, them shame on whoever’s involved in it,” said State Sen. Gerald Malloy.

State Sen. Darrell Jackson agreed, calling the image “insulting and offensive for anyone to be involved with – particularly a state lawmaker.”

“I’m very disappointed that someone in his position would have something like that prominently displayed in his office,” Jackson said. “We can’t always control what people send us, but we can control what we print out and have on display in our offices. I don’t know (Rep. Sandifer) personally, but I wish this was something he had not been a part of.”

Another African-American legislator who spoke with FITSNews on the condition of anonymity went even further, saying that Sandifer should resign.

Below is a high-resolution version of the original photograph, with the flyer visible in the lower left-hand corner of Sandifer’s desk facing the entrance to the Oconee County Republican’s State House office:

Bill Sandifer with racist obama email

This photograph was taken with Sandifer’s permission yesterday by a FITSNews photographer who identified herself in advance as being associated with our news outlet.

Two Republican State Representatives who spoke with FITSNews on the condition of anonymity this afternoon say they received an e-mail with the controversial flyer included as an attachment last week. Neither would divulge who sent them the e-mail, but both said that they found it offensive and immediately deleted it from their inboxes.

Calls to Rep. Sandifer’s office, the S.C. NAACP and the Obama campaign were not immediately returned.

Sandifer, 64, was first elected to the State House in 1995. He is facing opposition in this year’s Republican Primary election.

UPDATED – Sources are now telling FITSNews that the e-mail including the Obama photograph was distributed to “dozens” of Republican lawmakers.

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