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kent williams dog


FITSNews – April 2, 2008 – S.C. Sen. Kent Williams is being accused of dumping off his “very pregnant” German Shepherd (pictured above) at a Marion County “kill shelter” to be euthanized, sources tell FITSNews. Additionally, local animal rights activists say they are preparing to organize protests over the incident.

Here’s a copy of a letter to the editor circulated to several South Carolina newspapers by Nancy Dunn, an animal rescue volunteer:

Dear Editor:

I am writing about a terrible situation that has come to my attention through a dog rescue. Senator Kent Williams, District 30, coldly and irresponsibly dropped his very pregnant German Shepherd Dog at a local animal shelter. This is disgraceful on several levels: there is NO excuse for the Senator to have failed to spay his dog if he didn’t want the responsibility of raising puppies, and to dump his family dog off in a kill shelter to be heartlessly killed, or to have her puppies and have them be possibly killed too, is just heartbreaking.

Instead of dumping his dog in such a disgraceful and cold act, Senator Kent Williams should be working to fund spay/neuter programs at low cost for the community and finding solutions to the tens of thousands of young and healthy dogs put to death in South Carolina shelters every year.

Any responsible person can see that the dog situation in the state is a disgrace and needs to be addressed immediately. The senator chose to be part of the problem, rather than be part of the solution. He should be ashamed of himself, and I hope he reconsiders his attitude toward this situation.

Nancy Dunn

Yowzers. Assuming these accusations are true, this could develop into a really serious problem for Williams. How come? Well, for starters, the last time we checked people really, really like animals. As in a lot.

Phone calls placed to Williams office were not immediately returned, but sources say the Senator had the local animal control officer pick up the dog from his residence shortly before Easter.

The dog then gave birth to eight puppies Easter Sunday.

UPDATE – Here’s a picture from the animal shelter of the dog Senator Williams is alleged to have dumped off.