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pam anderson eco-friendly


FITSNews – March 12, 2008 – Of all the ridiculous headlines we’ve seen in our lives, “Pamela Anderson To Develop Eco-Friendly Housing In Canada” is officially number one with a bullet. Of course, it does give us an excuse to put up a picture of Pam Anderson (lamentably not a naked one), which is why we’re not really complaining. From the, um, story:

Movie and television star, sex symbol and animal-rights advocate Pamela Anderson is returning to the Canadian town she grew up in to help develop a new residential, eco-friendly development. Anderson is teaming up with former professional hockey player Geoff Courtnall to build upon five waterfront-acres previously owned by her grandparents in the town of Ladysmith. The 83-unit, condominium-townhouse development will feature a reduced footprint and several eco-friendly features.

Uh-huh … sure it will. Is it just us or does something seem a bit suspicious here? Like maybe everything. A bimbo and a former hockey player teaming up to build eco-friendly houses? In Canada? We consulted a few friends of ours in the development business and they told us these homes have a 0% chance of remaining upright for longer than five minutes. They did, however, agree that Pam Anderson’s breasts are good clean family fun.