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don’t trust mass media


FITSNews – February 24, 2008 – Since our buds over at the Other Brooks Brothers already did a good job dissecting the latest fellatio La Socialista’s John Monk gave South Carolina’s worst-in-the-nation education system, we figured we’d just refer you to their article.

Well, that and link you to a little Rage Against The Machine, which pretty much sums up our take on Monk and his newspaper.

Of course, one thing we did find funny about Monk’s article on this bill was that bureaucrat apologist Ross Shealy – a guy we thought already had a full-time job speculating about Sic Willie‘s imaginary client roster on our comment board – showed up in the story as the newest consultant for the progress-challenged S.C. Association of School Administrators.

Guess all those anti-Howard Rich articles were on layaway … which reminds us, we’d like to thank Mr. Rich so very, very much for NOT responding to our e-mails last week (editor’s note: sacrasm). We know you’re a multimillionaire, dude, but if you’ve got time to respond to John Monk’s leftygrams, you’ve got time for the FITS gals