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curtis lohan


FITSNews – February 12, 2008 – It’s probably a safe√ā¬†assumption that Sic Willie will not be getting a Valentine’s Day card from S.C. Chief Justice Jean H. Toal. Unless of course it’s one of those “I love you … BOOM!” exploding-type cards.

How come? Well, we’ve been pretty outspoken here at FITSNews concerning Toal’s “dictatorship of the legal profession” here in South Carolina, not to mention that little bar exam flap and the exorbitant pay raises she wants to give herself and practically every other South Carolina politician.

Anyway, since “Queen Jean” declined to answer our fourteen interrogatives from the other day concerning the big (taxpayer-funded?) legislative schmoozefest she’s hosting tonight, it sure looks like the FITS gals are going to have to crash the party in order to get the answers. Oh, and Queen, these martinis glasses ain’t gonna fill themselves! Chop-chop!