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fred bows out


FITSNews – January 22, 2008 – So it appears Fred Thompson is no longing seeking the American presidency, which at first glance seems like it might kind of suck for him.

Of course, then you realize that unlike the rest of the GOP candidates still competing for the job, his announcement doesn’t change the fact that he gets to go home with Jeri Thompson every night.

In fact we really don’t see a downside to this for Fred, because you can insert the sentence “I get to go home with Jeri Thompson every night” after pretty much anything and still end up making out like a bandit. A very, very lucky bandit.

UPDATE – Since we’ve devoted the next six hours to staring longingly at Jeri, here’s blogger extraordinaire Chris Cillizza’s assessment of what Thompson’s exit means to the GOP race for president. Did we mention he still gets to go home with Jeri? Oh … yeah.