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nicolette sheridan


FITSNews – January 4, 2008 – This news is so last week, but since the TV show Desperate Housewives has somehow managed to morph into a friggin’ Red Cross documentary, we figured it was up to us to do something – anything – to revive the show’s once-vaunted sex appeal. And since Marcia Cross naked failed miserably to accomplish that noble purpose, we present you with Nicollette Sheridan’s, um, assets.

Sheridan has been vacationing in St. Bart’s with fiancé Michael Bolton, but that hasn’t stopped her from brazenly flaunting her curves to photographers (here, here and here), which makes us wonder whether or not she’s auditioning for a new man in her life.

Who butts, maybe Kenny G-string is assvailable? Errr, we mean … who knows, maybe Kenny G is available? Sorry about that, something distracted us. Please tan lines … err, please forgive us.