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jeffery sewell


FITSNews – January 2, 2008 – This has nothing to do with anything, but before we get too much further into the New Year (or this new post) we’d like to say what a relief it is on our carpal tunnel syndrome to finally be typing “2008” at the beginning of every article we write instead of the biomechanically-insensitive “2007.” Seriously, 2007 can go f*ck itself as far as our wrists are concerned. Ergonomically-offensive? You’re damn right it was. But the good news is that 2008 is finally here, and we’ve been told that “2009” is going to be even easier on our tendons, which will no doubt also make our army of Pakistani data entry professionals very pleased.

Anyway, where were we? Oh yeah … something about the guy from SC Hotline (above) being a pimp. Sort of like this guy.

You know, even though Hotline fired our founding editor last year after he published an offensive article about presidential candidate John Edwards, far be it from us to let one of Sic Willie’s eleventy kabillion personal grudges stand in the way of Pimplymic glory.

“Wave yo hands in da ay-a, if you a true play-a,” people.

UPDATE – Oh, and Jeffrey, please feel free to e-mail Sic Willie any phone numbers you may have picked up recently …