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tyler poet


FITSNews – December 18, 2007 – We get a lot of grief for this, but it’s our humble contention that the guy who writes the website What Would Tyler Durden Do? is the funniest person alive. And maybe ever.

Sure, our overt fawning (here and here) gets a little embarrassing at times, but it’s insightful stuff like this post on Jennifer Love Hewitt possibly being pregnant that keeps us glued:

Girls just use getting pregnant as an excuse to eat whatever they want. You’re not foolin me, big ass. They put on 90 pounds then have a 6 pound kid. According to my ribbons in Math, that leaves 84 pounds unaccounted for. If my girl gets pregnant and puts on 40 pounds, she better have a 40 pound baby, or else she has some serious explaining to do.

Move over, Dr. Spock. If that’s not “must-read” material for any expecting mom, we don’t know what is!