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happy bday fits


FITSNews – December 16, 2007 – From Bangkok to Bishopville, celebrations spontaneously erupted around the globe as FITSNews turned one year old today. And to think, we just started crawling a couple months ago!

In reflecting on the year gone by, FITSNews founding editor Sic Willie teared up a bit as he thanked his overactive imagination, attention deficit disorder and “Look at Me” syndrome for our little website’s remarkable success.

Sic said his plans for the coming year include “eating a lot and sitting very still,” “showering less,” and “playing pocket pool every chance I get.” As for the FITS gals, our plan is to continue kicking ass and taking names …

In all seriousness, though, thanks to each one of you for letting us interrupt your daily routine over the past year. We look forward to providing you with more of the same irreverent, inappropriate and occasionally informative commentary in Year 2 …