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hillary white


FITSNews – December 13, 2007 – We got on Barack Obama’s detractors awhile back for criticizing his decision not to wear an American flag lapel pin, which we think is about the dumbest excuse for a controversy we’ve ever heard. Well, today we’re going to get on Obama’s people for a whine campaign that successfully jettisoned a top Hillary Clinton aide.

Seriously, we can’t stand Hillary Clinton (even for a little bit), but this guy’s only crime was to state the obvious – namely that Obama’s admission that he smoked dope and snorted coke twenty years ago could be used as a weapon against him by Republicans in a general election. Which it could – and no doubt will if Republicans nominate a sleazebag opportunist like Mitt Romney, for example.

Hillary shouldn’t have fired this guy, nor should she have apologized for what he said. She should have walked right up to Obama in the middle of Reagan National Airport or wherever it was they met and told Barack and his people to grow some f*cking balls. Honestly, just because Obama has been on estrogen overload with Oprah Winfrey on the “Bed, Barack and Beyond” tour the last couple days doesn’t mean the world of politics has turned into some comfy couch where everybody dances around the obvious and gets to whine whenever their f*cking feelings get hurt.

You’re running for President, Yo-bama, not Chairwoman of the local Junior League. Whatever credit you got in our book for telling the truth about your past drug use you just lost by pitching this hissy-fit.