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lindsay leopard


FITSNews – November 19, 2007 – Trying to pull one over on the FITS gals is a lot like trying to nail the “Triple Lindy” on your first dive, which unless you’re a Rodney Dangerfield fan probably won’t make much sense. Let’s just say it involves a high degree of difficulty …

For example, some of you laughed when we suggested over the weekend that hateful anti-Morman phone calls targeting Mitt Romney in New Hampshire were actually a “calculated effort” by the Romney campaign itself to “generate sympathy, get the ‘Mormon issue’ out in a safe way” and “implicate another candidate for going negative so they can feign outrage about it.” Well, ta-da

The New Hampshire Attorney General’s office has opened a formal investigation into the anti-Mormon calls targeted at Mitt Romney’s (R) religious faith. The call scripts invoked numerous references to Mormon religious beliefs. Romney said the message was “un-American.” The calls were aimed at voters in both New Hampshire and Iowa. In an interesting twist, the Utah company that was apparently hired to make the calls — Western Wats — includes Romney contributors on its payroll. The company’s CEO is also reportedly a friend of Romney. A Romney spokesman said it was “preposterous” that Romney’s campaign was involved in the calls in an effort to gain backlash sympathy for the candidate.

Preposterous? The company is in Utah, is run by a friend of Romney and has Romney contributers on its payroll. Unless Webster’s decided to change the definition of “preposterous” overnight, we’re gonna go ahead and close the book on this latest chapter of Romney fakery.