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mccain disembark


FITSNews – November 6, 2007 -When it comes to unfortunate comments, it’s tough to beat S.C. Attorney General Henry McMaster‘s performance in La Socialista today. By far and away the most vocal S.C. spokesman for the presidential campaign of U.S. Senator John McCain, McMaster was quoted extensively in this article discussing his candidate’s prospects in South Carolina:

All John McCain needs is money — just enough of it to get on television and let the people of South Carolina know he is alive and ready.

Wait a second, did he just say all McCain needs to do is let the people of South Carolina know he’s “alive?” Yikes. That’s probably not the best choice of words in describing the oldest candidate in the race … not to mention a campaign that’s on life support. Of course, in case anybody missed it the first time, McMaster returned to his “quick and the dead” theme later in the article:

Once he demonstrates he is alive, he’ll go up (in the polls) quickly.

And we thought running for president was hard! Turns out you just have to demonstrate that you’re not dead. “Have pulse will travel,” people …