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tom deloach


FITSNews – October 25, 2007 – It’s hard to believe it, but for some reason our founding editor Sic Willie didn’t make the local Jolie Magazine‘s “Top Ten Bachelors” of South Carolina list. That’s fine by him, though, because he’ll be spared the humiliation we’re about to visit upon S.C. BIPEC President/CEO Tom DeLoach, who did make the list … as “Agent 007,” ladies.

According to the magazine, DeLoach’s hobbies include photography, hunting and riding motorcycles, and the fifty-five year old powerbroker’s ideal woman is both attractive and in shape. “Exquisite beauty and fitness is a shallow given,” DeLoach says. “What draws me in and holds me is a woman who laughs and loves easily.”

Awww … it’s hard to believe somebody from the Lifetime Channel isn’t writing this stuff down. In case you were wondering, DeLoach is shown in the mag sporting a Jack Victor Shawl Collar Tux ($695), Carrot & Gibbs wing collar shirt ($165) and a Hanover bow tie ($48).

No word yet on how he takes his Martinis …