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gisele beach2


FITSNews – October 22, 2007 – From time to time we get complaints that there is too much “T&A” on FITSNews. Of course since we have no earthly idea what the people doing the complaining are talking about (Tips & Analysis???) we keep going about our business, oblivious to the haters. Toffee and Argot? Testosterone and Anarchy? Tiddlywinks and Acetaminophen? Who knows …

Anyway, one of our core duties here at FITSNews is to serve as a means of expression for the viral hate and boundless jealousy Sic Willie carries in his heart for Tom Brady, the pretty boy quarterback of the New England Patriots and arch-nemesis of Sic’s hero, Peyton Manning.

And as if New England’s 7-0 start and seeming invincibility weren’t depressing enough (along with Brady’s ridiculous 27 touchdown passes), our buds over at TMZ had to rub it in this morning by showing pics of Brady’s supermodel girlfriend Gisele Bumpercars (above) looking ridiculously attractive on a Miami beach. She was just in town for the game, apparently.

Why not kick our poor founding editor in the balls next time, TMZ? Speaking of which, Sic’s beloved Colts face off tonight against the Jacksonville Fag-uars … er Brag-uars … er Jaguars (sorry), their first real test of the 2007 season. Hope somebody’s got a razor handy …