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sic willie bass


FITSNews – October 8, 2007 – If you’re a fan of South Carolina politics, by now you’re no doubt familiar with the story of our founding editor Sic Willie’s previous career as a rock-n-roll bassist. According to campaign lore, he was plucked from alt rock obscurity by S.C. Gov. Mark Sanford in mid-2001 to handle media duties on his 2002 gubernatorial campaign.

Yeah, we thought the story was bullsh*t too, but little did we know there was actual photographic evidence of the Sic One’s previous life (hat-tip, JD).

Anyway, above is a pic of Sic Willie onstage at a Dead Agent Caper show from the summer of 2001. Other than having about ten fewer square inches of scalp coverage (and forty extra pounds of “belly”), he looks pretty much the same …