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FITSNews – September 14, 2007 – True, it’s not Sic Willie‘s birthday for another 12 days, but he got one hell of an early present yesterday when the New England Patriots were stripped of at least one 2008 draft pick and fined out the yin-yang for illegally taping their opponents’ signals. Forgive us our guilty pleasure Lord, but we hate these f*ckers. And why not? Until last year they had the mental mojo on our beloved Indianapolis Colts, although now it seems there’s a good reason for that.

“This episode represents a calculated and deliberate attempt to avoid longstanding rules designed to encourage fair play and promote honest competition on the playing field,” NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell wrote in a letter to the Patriots.

Wow. That actually sounds a lot like something somebody should say to fellow New England cheater Mitt Romney right about now. Romney and the Patriots both busted within 48 hours of each other … is karma making a comeback or something? Seriously, the only thing that could possibly make this week any better would be an apple fritter. With some white, sugary paste on it. Mmmmmm … hello fritter.