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eliot spitzer


FITSNews – July 6, 2007 – Let’s face it, New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer looks like a mobster. And the fact that he’s apparently telling his opponents he’s a “f*cking steamroller” and allegedly threatening to knock them out “so that (they) will never get up” doesn’t exactly do anything to lessen that perception. Spitzer’s war of words with New York Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno is escalating daily, and has now reached the point where both politicians are accusing the other of criminal activities related to their ongoing spat. From the NY Daily News story:

Weeks after taking office, Spitzer described himself in a phone call with Assembly Minority Leader James Tedisco, a Schenectady Republican, as a “[expletive] steamroller” who would “roll over you and anybody else.” During budget negotiations in March, Spitzer and Bruno engaged in an expletive-laden screaming match during which the senator described Senate Minority Leader Malcolm Smith as “so far up [the governor’s rear] he can’t see.” In a post-session discussion, Bruno charged that the governor threatened him, saying he would knock him out, “knock you down so that you will never get up.” Spitzer spokesman Darren Dopp insisted this incident never took place.

Yikes. Sounds to us like somebody’s going to end up sleeping with the fishes before this thing is all said and done.