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obama girl reading


FITSNews – June 14, 2007 – We tried to tell Sic Willie that his overnight obsession with Obama Girl was only going to break his heart, but you can’t tell boys anything during the throes of infatuation. Strolling into the office this morning like a proud peacock with Obama Girl’s “I Got A Crush on FITSNews” article taped to his forehead, it seemed the Palmetto State’s preeminent political bad boy had finally found true love. In fact, we’ve never seen him happier.

That’s why it broke our hearts to have to tell him that the New York Times, ABC News and Rolling Stone, among others, also got themselves some love from Obama Girl for their slightly more well-read coverage of the insta-classic tune, “I Got A Crush On Obama.”

Crestfallen, Sic Willie has cancelled his plans to hear Obama speak tomorrow in Greenville, S.C. so that he can sit in his office all day and sulk. Which come to think of it will make tomorrow no different from any other day here at FITSNews. Oh well, the good news is at least he’s not crying over Meredith Land anymore …