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paula abdul


FITSNews – May 22, 2007 – We don’t watch American Idol. But we do love us some MC Skat Cat. Which is our way of saying we know who Paula Abdul is. In fact, we’ve been known to sing “Opposites Attract” in the shower from time to time, depending on our mood of course. Somedays its “Forever Your Girl.” You just never know.

Anyway Abdul, a judge on the popular American Idol show, reportedly fell and broke her nose while attempting evasive action to avoid stepping on her pet Chihuahua, Tulip. Abdul wasn’t hospitalized, but she will probably look pretty funny for a couple of days.

You know Sic Willie tried to take evasive action to avoid riding his bicycle over a jaywalking ant one time. Of course he got hit by a car, split his head wide open, was sent to the hospital in an ambulance and ultimately received a citation from the Columbia, S.C. Police Department for failing to wear “proper reflective clothing.” Neither the ant nor the driver of the car was charged in relation to the incident.