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sanford handshake


FITSNews – May 6, 2007 – S.C. Gov. Mark Sanford held one of his “Neighborhood Office Hours” meetings along the Grand Strand this weekend, meeting coastal constituents and hearing their concerns while nodding a lot and pretending to be an average guy. Not surprisingly, the topic of coastal insurance came up, and since we happened to be down here we stumbled upon it in the paper. From Sunday’s Sun News:

Peggy Musselman of Pawleys Island said she and many others along the coast are struggling under the burden of ballooning home insurance premiums. “I got my bill this morning, and it’s fresh in my mind. [It is] twice what it was last year,” Musselman said. “I don’t know who to blame. I hoped Gov. Sanford would help.” … Sanford said the affordability of insurance is one of the top issues along the Grand Strand. State lawmakers are considering ways to lift the financial burden from residents, he said.

Ah … so now it’s up to “state lawmakers,” is it? That’s a pretty peculiar statement seeing as Sanford has spent months doing damage control along the coast with his newly-minted Director of Insurance, who as far as we can tell is only slightly more intelligent than a gardening tool.

In case you needed a refresher on the coastal insurance situation, here’s the skinny: Sanford refused to implement his previous Insurance Director’s recommendations to help alleviate a brewing coastal insurance crisis out of fear they would cost him votes in an election year. Then, when 20,000 coastal residents lost their insurance policies because of the governor’s inaction, Sanford turned around and fired his previous Insurance Director.

Hey, at least he got something done though.