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John Edwards


FITSNews – April 11, 2007 – So John Edwards woke up early yesterday morning to go work at a nursing home . How friggin’ sweet. Here’s a bit from the extensive coverage of his latest publicity stunt:

Democrat John Edwards got a taste of low-wage life Wednesday, rising before dawn to help to dress, shave and deliver breakfast to elderly residents of a nursing home outside New York City.

Aside from the fact that John Edwards should be home rising before dawn to help dress, shave and deliver breakfast to his cancer-striken wife, can this guy get any gayer? Seriously, if he was a lyric in a Liberace song sung by Elton John at a Richard Simmons tribute dinner, he probably wouldn’t be any gayer than he is right now.

UPDATE – In unrelated news, the Verizon coverage in the greater Harbour Town area is completely worthless. Which is kind of ironic seeing as we’re at the Verizon Heritage Classic. In fact, if we see the “Can You Hear Me Now?” guy, there’s a good chance he could end up with a Treo 700w up his yin-yang.