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FITSNews – March 27, 2007 John Potter Hazzard V, a powerful advisor to S.C. Senate President Glenn McConnell, says his boss will amend any education bill that comes before his committee this year so as to put the Hazzard’s toddler son in charge of state government.

And while John Potter Hazzard VI (cutie, pictured above) may not be able to tie his own shoes yet, legislators are already expressing confidence that he could get more accomplished than current Gov. Mark Sanford.

“There is a strong willingness in the body to work with Potter,” said Sen. Majority Leader Harvey Peeler. “And how could there not be when you look at that cute little face? Awwww, come here little pooky poo … Uncle Harvey’s got a lollipop for you. Guesswhomybaby, guesswhomybaby. Awwww. Look, Potter could get DOT reform, government restructuring, income tax cuts and school choice, he could get all of it done. It’s time we Put Potter In Charge.”