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Tony Romo


FITSNews – January 6, 2007 – As much as we like to rag on him, this one isn’t Tony Romo‘s fault.

Yes, he is the placeholder for the Dallas Cowboys’ field goal and extra point teams. Yes, he botched a hold against Seattle that cost the Cowboys a victory in Saturday’s NFC Wild Card game. And yes, there’s a good chance that visions of Carrie Underwood were dancing through his head when it happened.

But there’s a reason Tony Romo is the placeholder. It’s because he used to be the backup quarterback. And that’s what backup quarterbacks do. They hold the ball for kickers (laces out preferably) on field goal and extra point attempts. When Tony Romo became the starting quarterback, you kind of figured they would let somebody else fool with holding for the friggin’ kicks.

Oh, and there’s a reason Carrie Underwood may have been dancing through his head, too, but that one doesn’t require much explaining.

No, friends. We do not blame Tony Romo for this one. There is no way a starting quarterback in the NFL should have to deal with the added stress of holding for kicks, especially in his first playoff start. Head coach Bill Parcells should have known better. After all, back up quarterback Drew Bledsoe has been standing on the sidelines earning millions of dollars modeling visors the last couple months.

Probably wouldn’t have been too difficult to get him up to speed.


Who would have figured that after giving up over 150 rushing yards to Ron Dayne of the lowly Houston Texans just a few weeks ago that the Colts D would hold Kansas City Chiefs’ powerhouse back Larry Johnson to only 32 yards in 13 carries Saturday?

The answer is no one.

Well, except maybe for that guy on Mitt Romney‘s staff, Nostradamus. That cat knows everything, people.