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Romney Speaking1


FITSNews – December 27, 2006 – So in case you haven’t noticed by now, we don’t like Mitt Romney very much. We tried to like him, we really did, but unfortunately there is that whole thing about wanting our elected officials to stand for something.

Apparently, those who know Romney best – the people of Massachusetts – totally agree with us.

We were thumbing through our copy of yesterday’s Boston Globe when we came across this article about how Massachusetts voters will remember Romney when his term as governor ends on January 4.

According to an October 2006 poll conducted by the University of New Hampshire Survey Center, they won’t remember him fondly.

Romney’s favorability rating in Massachusetts has plummeted to 34% while his unfavorables have soared to 54%.

Contrast that with data from March of 2003, when Romney enjoyed a 55% favorability rating in Massachusetts, compared with only a 32% unfavorable rating.

Predictably, Romney’s people are saying the same tired old political crap about how governing over a period of four years naturally builds up your negatives, etc.

Okay then, explain to us how Romney still enjoyed a 49% favorable rating (compared with 41% unfavorable rating) as recently as March 2006, before his courtship of Southern Conservatives got embarrassingly overt?

So what’s the moral of our story?

It’s simple: As much as Mitt Romney wishes he was a cool fighter pilot President like Bill Pullman, he is actually more like the Aliens in Independence Day, you know the ones that basically feed on a world and then move on.