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Workforce Screening: “High Times” Are Back




|| By FITSNEWS || Let’s face it: The economy is sucking wind.  Despite all the artificial “stimulation,” all the media spin – and all the “double seasonal adjustment” – the status quo couldn’t put productivity back together again.

It’s not surprising, then, that workers in the “New Normal” – especially new college grads – might be inclined to look for something to ease their troubled minds.

Something like … weed.

According to The Wall Street Journal (which has been scratching its head lately over the economic doldrums), drug use among the American workforce – such as it is – is rising.

“Traces of drugs – from marijuana to methamphetamine to prescription opiates – were found in 3.9 percent of the 9.1 million urine tests conducted for employers by Quest Diagnostics Inc. in 2014, up from 3.7 percent in 2013,” the paper reported, noting the numbers “reflect the reversal of a longtime trend of declining drug use among workers.”

How long a trend? A quarter-century …

Hmmm … wonder what S.C. governor Nikki Haley thinks of all this … 

Frankly, we don’t care if people fail a drug test.  As long as they’re doing their jobs in the office – and not imposing on the liberties of others outside the office – we believe adult Americans should be allowed to get as high as they please.  In fact the decriminalization of drugs could be a huge boon to the economy … not to mention a huge boost to taxpayers.

Is that how our government will react to this news?

Hell no …

Moralizing politicians – mostly “Republicans” who claim to support “limited government” – will no doubt pounce on this as an excuse to continue our nation’s costly, ill-fated “war on drugs.”  Even though more than $1 trillion later, that war is a conclusive failure.

We’ve written previously on how the key to truly stimulating economic activity lies in embracing the free market and reducing unnecessary government.  Putting the kibosh on the “war on drugs” would accomplish both objectives.

It makes perfect common sense … which is precisely why our leaders will never let it happen.