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Medical Marijuana: Mary Louise’s Story




|| By FITSNEWS || This website has long advocated for the legalization of marijuana and other drugs – for both medical and recreational purposes.

Why?  Because we believe in liberty, that’s why … and as long as someone isn’t violating someone else’s liberty, then government shouldn’t dictate to private citizens what they can or cannot do within the privacy of their own home.  Nor should they unduly restrict commerce in the names of protecting consenting adults from themselves.

Anyway …

We’re a million miles away from such common sense in South Carolina, but thanks to the efforts of S.C. Senator Tom Davis the Palmetto State is at least letting doctors prescribe cannabinoid oil to people who suffer from specific types of seizures.  You know, people like seven-year-old Mary Louise Swing, who suffers from epilepsy – a neurological disorder that causes frequent, repetitive seizures.

Prior to receiving cannabinoid oil treatments, Swing had been suffering as many as 200 seizures during a one-hour therapy session.

Today?  Her total seizures are down to as few as eight an hour.

“Why not?  If a doctor thinks it can be of therapeutic benefit?”  Davis asked in a recent medical marijuana feature on WTOC TV 11 (CBS – Savannah, Georgia).  “Why not allow that doctor to authorize a patient to use it?”

Davis is pushing a broader medical marijuana bill this session, and we hope he’s successful in his efforts.

In fact his legislation is also addressed in the WTOC piece …

Here’s the clip …

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Nice …

Props to Davis … and props to the families who stood up for their family members (like Mary Louise) in pushing for the passage of this law.  Also, props to WTOC for telling their story.

In the meantime, shame on the S.C. State Law Enforcement Division (SLED) – which instead of fighting real crime has decided to wage war on Mary Louise’s law.

And shame on narrow-minded state lawmakers who would rather their constituents continue to suffer than receive the benefits afforded by medical marijuana.