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Greenville GOP Coup




By FITSNEWS || The Greenville (S.C.) Republican Party has – in years past – been fairly aggressive when it comes to rebuking liberal “Republicans” like U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham.

That’s about to change, though …

This week, a seismic shift within the party took place … as a key opponent of Graham was ousted from the organization.  Former executive committeeman Bill Rhodes was unceremoniously booted from the Greenville GOP for “disloyalty” – namely refusing to support Graham’s candidacy.  Two other executive committee members resigned from the party in protest of the way Rhodes was treated.

Meanwhile another local Republican committeeman – Joshua Cook – was threatened with removal from his post because he interviewed a “non-Republican” for a political website.

Sheesh … is this middle school?

“It’s definitely a purge of executive committeemen who support limited government,” one anti-Graham advocate told FITS.

So now that we know who is getting the boot … who is the “new” Greenville GOP inviting to take the place of these limited government advocates?

“Those removed have mostly been replaced by Bob Jones-affiliated people or Bob Jones students,” one of our sources says.

Well, well … Bob Jones.

We decided years ago that we wanted absolutely nothing to do with the “Republican” Party … at any level.  That’s because at every level, the GOP is ideologically indistinguishable from the party it claims to be fighting.  Obviously we respect those who are trying to “reform” the GOP from within in the hopes of turning it into a limited government, individual liberty party … but this local purge is further evidence of the party establishment’s refusal to hear such arguments.

Seriously … people are being booted from the GOP because they are refusing to support the most liberal “Republican” in all of Washington, D.C.?  A guy the party has previously censured for a host of left-leaning policies?

If “Republicans” were serious about restoring their brand, they’d be booting ideological traitors like Graham … not those with the courage to stand up to him.