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Clemson University’s Insanely Invasive Sex Questionnaire




Clemson University has suspended a mandatory program that required students, faculty and staff to divulge their most private personal information to a third party website – or face disciplinary action.

“How many times have you had sex (including oral) in the last 3 months?” read one of the questions on the mandatory online survey.

“With how many different people have you had sex (including oral) in the last 3 months?” read another.

According to the school, the survey was designed to promote campus health and safety – and its compulsory completion was an assignment Clemson said students, faculty and staff should “enjoy.”

Wait … what?

Since when was being forced to provide prurient details of one’s private life to a government entity “enjoyable?”

Because that’s a curious definition of “enjoyment” if you ask us …

“It is an engaging and informative online course, created with students for students,” an email from Clemson noted.  “It will provide you with useful information regarding sexual violence and relationships. The course promotes a healthier and safer campus environment.”

Clemson’s insanely invasive survey was first exposed by reporter Kaitlyn Schallhorn of Campus Reform – a website we’ve featured in the past for its efforts to hold our nation’s institutions of higher education accountable.

Schallhorn was also first to report on the school’s decision to temporarily suspend the program.

“Required Title IX online training has been suspended pending elimination of certain questions that were associated with a training module provided by a third-party vendor,” the school wrote late Wednesday. “Clemson University will eliminate these questions. We apologize for any concern and inconvenience this has caused.”

Uh-huh …

In our view, temporarily suspending this survey pending the elimination of these invasive questions isn’t enough.  The fact these questions were even contemplated – let alone asked of students – is simply beyond the pale.

FITS has been all over Clemson in the past – most notably for its former president‘s laughable efforts to artificially inflate the school’s academic standing.  We’ve also ripped the school’s wasteful “public service” division, its ridiculously expensive wind turbine facility and the entire campus it has devoted to a Confederate submarine.

We’ve also chided Clemson for its astronomical tuition hikes …

Here we have yet another example of why this school should immediately be set free to pursue its destiny in the private sector.  And another example of what happens when we let government run an institution of higher learning.