“Neoconservative” U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) has vowed to lead a GOP revolution in 2016 unlike anything America had seen since the days of Ronald Reagan.

“Something incredible is happening, something is sweeping the state of Texas, it’s sweeping every state,” Cruz told delegates to the Lone Star State’s Republican Party convention last week. “In 1980, we saw the Reagan Revolution, we saw in the face of stagnation, in the face of feckless, naive foreign policy, in the face of America getting weaker and weaker, we saw a grassroots movement that turned the country around … that same thing is happening today.”

Is it, though?

And if it is … who is being left out of this “movement?”

According to Texas Republicans – who cheered Cruz’s rhetorical flights – gay people are not invited to the movement. Unless of course the “gay” in them is somehow “straightened out.”

In fact the Texas GOP passed platform language endorsing “reparative therapy” – or experimental psychological treatments aimed at turning gay people straight.

Unreal …

This website does not condone the homosexual lifestyle, but we don’t condemn it either … and we explicitly reject any effort by government to meddle in people’s private lives (including the institution of marriage).

Whether “Republicans” like it or not, people have a right to be gay … and government should have absolutely nothing to do with the free exercise of decisions related to sexual orientation. In fact it baffles us that so-called “limited government” Republicans believe our bedrooms ought to be regulated – gay or straight.

The longer such short-sightedness endures, the longer homosexuals (and those who eschew discrimination) will steer clear of the GOP … and the longer such constituencies steer clear of the GOP, the longer its electoral drought will endure.

Funny how that works …