Gary Burgess – one of a gaggle of candidates seeking the GOP nomination for Superintendent of Education in South Carolina – will hold a press conference on the grounds of the S.C. State House next month.

What’s he up to?¬†According to his campaign, Burgess – who is black – will “officially request (that) the South Carolina Conference of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) end the boycott of South Carolina.”

“Dr. Burgess believes that leadership must tackle the big issues which impede the advancement of South Carolina’s school children,” a statement from his campaign read. “One of the duties of the State Superintendent of Education is to foster an atmosphere, throughout the state, which is conducive to teaching and learning; therefore, as a candidate for this office he feels compelled to help resolve this issue so South Carolina can be about the business of educating all children. He would like the energies of our civil rights, social, heritage and cultural organizations to focus on the uniqueness of South Carolina and how our common history, as one people, must be used to make this state the number one teaching and learning environment in the nation.”

The NAACP imposed an “economic boycott” on South Carolina in 1999 owing to a version of the Confederate Flag flying over the S.C. State House. A compromise in 2000 moved the flag off of the dome (and out of the state’s legislative chambers), but that did not appease the NAACP.

Of course beyond the politically correct National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), few have paid the boycott any mind …